New Version 1.2

  • New: Add WPML support
  • New: Add theme support title-tag
  • Update: Updated Woocommerce templates version
  • Update: Remove viewport meta for iphones
  • Update: Remove meta title from header.php and add initial-scale=1.0 to viewport meta
  • Update: Meta Viewport tag
  • Update: Zoom icon on Product page
  • Bug fix: Shop search form
  • Bug fix: Woocommerce depricated functions
  • Bug fix: Javascript key navigation
  • Bug fix: Custom Meta Boxes issue
  • Bug fix: Error in theme options
  • Bug fix: Displaying social links in header and footer
  • Bug fix: “Add to cart” button on single product page
  • Bug fix: Product page layout
  • Bug fix: .sixteen.columns width on mobiles
  • Bug fix: Wrapper layout bug

New Version 1.1

  • New: Add footer and 4 widgets and replace blog options to section General
  • New: Elementor plugin in required plugins + ELEMENTOR_PARTNER_ID
  • New: Add related products
  • New: Add functionality for add variations and change layout for variations
  • New: Blog date manage
  • New: Show social links in Header and Footer
  • New: Add link to our website to Additional customization in admin panel
  • Update: Update WooCommerce templates version
  • Update: Update screenshot
  • Update: Woocommerce deprecated function
  • Update: Dummy data
  • Update: Info about Fruitful Pro added
  • Bug fix: Fix footer styling
  • Bug fix: Related post rating position fix
  • Bug fix: Fix responsive grid
  • Bug fix: Fixed back-top icon
  • Bug fix: Add color in theme options for button.button.alt.wc-forward
  • Bug fix: Fix popup, slider add zoom for woocommerce single product gallery

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

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